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Whatever your walk in life is, you pick what you want to be, then go ahead and be the best one.

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About Johnathan:

Tech Entrepreneur, author, fitness guru,and WWE Fan. Philadelphia native, Johnathan Grzybowski started his career at 14 mowing lawns. Over 5 businesses later, Johnathan has a deep passion on bettering the lives of millennials and helping them execute their ideas into profitable businesses.

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About Johnathan

Johnathan Grzybowski Guides Entrepreneurs To Profitability

Fresh out of the corporate world at 23, Johnathan bootstrapped his first startup from $0 to $1.25 million in sales in just three years. Now, he runs Waterfront Media, a digital design agency that services medium to large businesses. Waterfront Media has also developed multiple products. One of which is allowing startups a platform where they can obtain design and programming all at an affordable monthly rate. Johnathan is a podcaster of nationally recognized “The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast”, author, angel investor, and advocate for revolutionizing the city of Camden, NJ through digital design.

Johnathan continues to share his journey through multiple forms of media. One in particular is his podcast “The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast.” Where he helps entrepreneurs that may be temporarily blind in business to execute their vision into success through the stories of like minded entrepreneurs. He also publishes challenges, where Johnathan sets out on an adventure to complete a specific task in 30 days. You can find more about this on his YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.

In additional to running a digital design agency Waterfront Media, Johnathan also serves as a board member of Waterfront Ventures. A non-profit initiative that plans to bring over one hundred startups into the city of Camden in 2017. Johnathan also sits on the advisory board and investor of FirstPick and a longtime fundraising committee member of The YMCA of Burlington and Camden County.

Humble Beginnings

Johnathan Grzybowski was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the Juniata Park region of the city. Johnathan was raised by two blue collar, hard working, loyal, and dedicated parents. He has two brothers that have taught him the importance of sharing and a visually impaired uncle that allows him to use all senses to consistently move the needle in business.

Growing up in a tough part of the city of Philadelphia, has laid the groundwork for Johnathan’s ability to want a life better than his upbringing. Before leaving the city of Brotherly Love to get away from grit and grime, Johnathan and his family moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. During his first summer in a suburb, Johnathan found himself friendless and bored. So, Johnathan took his father’s lawn mower and with hesitation from his family, began walking the entire neighborhood door by door to get customers for his first business, Grzyly Services.

Eventually, one customer turned into two, which than turned into ten. Before he knew it, he had close to twenty five customers at the end of his first summer season. Grzyly services lasted for about 4 years, before giving the business to his brother David. Before college, Johnathan was at a cross roads to continue his booming business or listen to the advice given from his mother to go out and get a “real job” to better his resume.

Eventually, Johnathan caved in and begin working the grueling industry of retail. After working dead end jobs for a few years, he later stumbled into a career at the largest company in the world, Apple Inc.

Johnathan attributes a lot of his business acumen to his time spent at Apple. Working in the small business division of the corporate organization, showed Johnathan the importance of having a strong company culture and general foundation to a great customer experience.

Waterfront Media

Waterfront Media is more than just a design agency. At our core, we are a team of talented and driven individuals working towards bettering our community and making design and programming affordable to the world.

There is no better way to make an impact, than to work with and give back to our local community. Waterfront Media’s headquarters is located in Camden, NJ. Working with local soup kitchens, non-profits, and community initiatives, we are doing our best by making the world a better place than where we started. We provide design, branding, and technology to local businesses, startups, and students trying to make a name for themselves throughout the business community.

The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast

The Blind Entrepreneur is a podcast that caters to entrepreneurs who may be temporarily blind or stuck in business. An aspiring/current business professional is able to further educate their mind by either listening to or watching the stories of entrepreneurs that have experienced failure, success, and struggles to find balance in entrepreneurship.

What Johnathan Does For Fun

Although at times it is difficult to find the perfect balance of business and pleasure, Johnathan makes it pertinent to add fitness into his life, everyday. His love of fitness transpires with his love for the WWE. Since he was a child, Johnathan has been dropping elbows on his two brothers and random teddy bears that never stood a chance. Here are some other things that Johnathan does for fun:

– Going to concerts and listening to music

– Doing “Tough Mudder” like events

– Cooking (Did you know that Johnathan initially wanted to become a chef?)

– Listening to old records with awesome covers

– Going to breweries, distilleries, and wineries

– Exploring the world

– Talking WWE

– Watching YouTube videos (Casey Neistat, Rhett, and Link)

– Talking about business (What else!?)

Coffee and networking events are old news, join Johnathan in one of these fun activities to get to know him better.

Johnathan’s Core Principles

Where some go into business for the money and fame, Johnathan went into business to help others.  He translates this core principle throughout the company culture of Waterfront Media and also his podcast, The Blind Entrepreneur.

If you would like to help alongside Johnathan. Use the contact form and label the email HELP! To grab his attention.